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Ticket Counter Agents Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate proficiency with the computer and the applicable computer programs.
  • Report all equipment malfunctions (e.g., computers, ticket/bag printers, and hard copy printers, etc.) to your supervisor promptly.
  • Know USAirway's policies and procedures outlined in the manuals, and use them as they apply to your job.
  • Challenge unauthorized or unknown individuals not displaying identification in non-public areas. Report the presence of such persons to management personell, law enforcement officers or airport authorities immediately.
  • Observe all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Company, and Airport security / emergency procedures at all times.
  • Know and follow Federal / Company regulations concerning the acceptance and shipment of dangerous goods.
  • Know and use Automated Boarding Control (ABC) procedures.
  • Make and confirm flight reservations, seat assignments for customers as needed.
  • Know fare rules and tariffs.
  • Demonstrate competency in ticket preparation and issuance, including computerized forms.
  • Know the following ticketing functions:

    -USAirways accepted forms of payment

    -Ticket restrictions

    -Refund rules and methods

    -Nonrevenue ticket issuance

  • Maintain and balance a daily and / or master PAS sales report which includes all ticketing details, cash and bank deposits.
  • Know and consistently apply all nonrevenu passenger boarding procedures.
  • Accept and check baggage to the customer's final destination. Ensure all baggage has proper identification and is within the company's outlined policies for baggage acceptance. Recap the number destination of all checked baggage to the passenger.
  • Know and inform customers of USAirways carry-on luggage policy.
  • Accept and process PDQ consignments for shipment.
  • Know and use the Customer Relations Program whenever necessary.
  • Know and follow all handicap service procedures.
  • Know and inform customers of USAirways Frequent Traveler Program.
  • Assist new employees with on-the-job training as requested by your passenger sevice supervisor or manager.
  • Complete all other tasks as necessary or directed by your passenger service supervisor or manager.
  • Accept and process for shipment all PDQ's and air cargo.
  • Know and complete all air express, air freight, PDQ, and comat shipment paperwork / forms accurately.
  • Know and provide customers with information concerning the acceptance and shipment of all items.
  • Prepare airways bills, compute rates, and esablish routings of air cargo shipments in accordance with applicable tarrifs and company manuals.
  • Prepare customer bills and collect funds.
  • Ensure the continued safe shipment of cargo by reviewing the recurrent Dangerous Goods Programs and all other training programs as required.
  • Receive and handle U.S. mail shipments in accordance with U.S. Postal Service regulations and Company Policy.
  • Complete and maintain air cargo records and files as required by federal and Company regulations.
  • Know and follow all domestic / international shipping requirements for high value, perishable, live animals, human remains, and all other shipments as necessary.
  • Understand and follow the handling procedures / paperwork of shipments involving U.S. Customs.
  • Work with USAirways Cargo Sales personnel to promote USAirways cargo service to shippers and freight forwarders.
  • Know and follow all applicable cargo embargoes.
  • Use USAirways "unknown shipper" procedures.
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